Smoking Supplies & E-Cigarettes in Rutland, VT


Smoking is a different experience for every hobbyist. Some people prefer rich, dark tobacco smoked from a pipe; others like lighter tobacco, hand-rolled into a cigarette. Whatever your preference or the experience you’re looking to have, having the right products makes all the difference.

Emporium Tobacco & Gifts caters to all smoking enthusiasts. Our vape shop in Rutland, VT is completely stocked with products aimed at making sure you have the very best smoke, however you prefer it.

Loose Tobacco

Regardless of how you smoke, you’re going to need the right blend of tobacco to truly relax and enjoy it. We carry loose tobacco in a full range of styles and flavors. From classic southern blends to exotic Turkish flavors, come to us for exposure to a complete scope of tobacco varieties. Not sure what you’re looking for? Talk with our staff and let us make a recommendation you’ll be sure to enjoy.

Smoking Supplies

In addition to having the right tobacco flavor, you’re also going to need products and accessories for a good smoke. Count on us to supply you with everything you need! We carry everything necessary to smoke however you prefer, with top-quality products that are sure to enhance your hobby. Some of the products we have on our shelves include:


Ditching the loose tobacco for a more modern experience? Let us introduce you to e-cigarettes in Rutland, Rutland County, West Rutland, Clarendon, and Mendon, VT! Our inventory of products contains a slew of e-cigarettes and related accessories, including cartridges, chargers and batteries, among others. If you’re looking for the right foray into e-cigarettes, we’ll be glad to make the introduction.

For all your smoking needs, visit Emporium Tobacco & Gifts today or give us a call at 802-775-2552. We’ll gladly help you find the glass pipes or cigars you’re looking for, to make sure your smoking experience is a great one.

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