Hookah Supplies in Rutland, VT

Hookah Supplies

Want the flavor of vaping with the real tobacco experience? Smoking hookah in Rutland, Rutland County, West Rutland, Clarendon, and Mendon, VT is a great pastime, full of great flavors and authentic tobacco that will put you at ease. Emporium Tobacco & Gifts stocks all of the hookah supplies you need to enjoy your experience, whether you prefer to indulge alone or with friends. From a multi-hose hookah to tobaccos spanning a full range of flavors, we’re your premier provider of hookah supplies.


Flavored Hookah

Among the extensive hookah supplies in Rutland, VT we carry, you’ll find a humongous selection of flavored hookah tobacco. Our flavors range from different variations on classic tobacco, to fruit-infused flavors and a wealth of spiced options. Whether you’re looking for a more mellow flavor profile or want something that packs a punch, we’ll gladly recommend tasty options across the spectrum of flavors.

Hookah Pipes

Looking for your first hookah pipe? A new rig with multiple hose attachments? Our hookah shop in Rutland, VT has a wide selection of options designed to cultivate the best possible smoking experience, alone or with friends. We carry only quality pipes in varying sizes and price points, from trusted name brands.

Hookah Supplies

Everything you need to smoke hookah is right here in our shop! From hoses and coals to filters and cleaners, we’ll set you up with all of the right products to get the best possible smoking experience. Not sure what you need? Don’t worry—we’re professionals! With an intimate knowledge of everything we sell, one of our friendly sales staff will gladly help you get the right products, be it hookah, e-cigarettes, or other vape shop staples.

Stop in and visit us today to talk hookah or give us a call at 802-775-2552. if you’re looking for something in particular. We’ ready to help you get the most out of your hookah experience and guarantee a great smoke.

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