E-Cigs Vs Vape Kits

E-Cigs Vs Vape Kits

When you’re thinking about switching from cigarettes, it’s important to know what the difference is between an e-cig and a vape kit. The main difference between these two types of smoking is that a vape kit is refillable and rechargeable. This can make a big difference to your experience and how much maintenance you’ll have to do.

What Is An E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that heats liquid nicotine and flavoring into aerosol. Users inhale the vapor, which can look like smoke from a regular cigarette or cigar. They come in many shapes and sizes, including mini (often called cig-a-like) vape pens, vape pod systems like JUUL, e-hookahs, e-cigars, advanced personal vaporizers or mods, and ones that resemble pens, USB flash drives, or other items.

What Is A Vape Kit?

Vape kits are a package deal that includes everything you need to get started. Typically, they come with a battery or mod, a tank, and e-liquid. You can also choose to purchase a kit with a refillable tank that you can replace with any e-liquid. The e-liquid you use will determine the flavor and throat hit that you experience. Propylene glycol (PG) is the primary flavor-carrying ingredient in e-liquid, and vegetable glycerin adds sweetness to the mix. There are varying ratios and strengths of both to suit your individual preferences. Whether you are new to vaping or looking to switch from smoking, you need to start by finding the best kit for you. Beginners should consider disposable vape pens, as they are easy to use and contain satisfying levels of nicotine.


E-Cigs are typically more expensive than vape kits, but they become cheaper over time. This is because e-cigs often contain more components than their vape counterparts, and they also require an initial purchase to get started. The first thing to consider is whether you want to use a pre-filled device or a refillable one. The initial cost of a pre-filled e-cig will be higher than a refillable one, but the savings from the e-juice will make up for this. In addition, vaping requires replacement coils, which will usually add to the overall cost of your vape. Depending on your nicotine consumption habits and the amount of e-juice you use, you should expect to spend anywhere from 30-60 dollars per month for coils and e-juice.


In addition to the traditional tobacco flavors, e-cigarettes and vape kits can also be found in a wide array of fruit, sweet, dessert and food flavors. A new Reuters review of retail sales data shows that the number of flavored disposable vaping devices on the market has surged, accounting for one-third of e-cigarette sales in the USA. These findings are in line with an increasing body of research suggesting that e-cigarette users prefer non-tobacco flavored products. Smokers initiate use with tobacco flavored e-cigarettes, but switch to exclusive or predominant use of non-tobacco flavored products over time.

Types Of Vape Coils

Types Of Vape Coils

Coils are one of the most important parts of your vaping device. They heat up e-liquid to create vapour, and they can come in a variety of different materials and styles. Each style can produce a different effect, depending on what matters to you. This can range from huge clouds to enhanced e-liquid flavour.


The sub-Ohm vaping trend has exploded in popularity recently and with good reason. It generates massive clouds of vapor and is the preferred choice for cloud chasers who want to dig into their high VG juices. The atomizers that are used for this type of vaping produce very little electric resistance, which means that more power is drawn from the battery and the coil heats up quicker. This also causes the coil to vaporize more of your e-liquid. To get the most out of a sub-Ohm vape, you need to use a low PG e-liquid with a high VG content. VG is thicker than PG and will saturate the coil quickly. There are a number of different sub-Ohm vaping devices available, including tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs) and rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs). RTAs have become the most popular option for those who want to build their own coils without the hassle of manually dripping.


Mesh coils are a new technology that has many advantages over the standard coils that have been used by vapers for years. Among them is a bigger surface area that produces a better hit and a greater flavor delivery. Another advantage is that mesh coils fire up more quickly than standard coils, which translates into an improved and more powerful hit. In addition, these coils produce a much more uniform heating throughout, which helps to prevent dry hits and burnt spots. Finally, mesh coils last longer than traditional wires because they avoid heat accumulation at one specific point on the wick. This also means that you can replace your coils less often than with traditional wires. As a result, mesh coils are ideal for lower wattage devices and direct output mods. This is because they don’t need to be made for as high a wattage to perform well, which allows them to use less power and extend battery life.


The clapton coil is one of the most popular types of vape coils today. It’s particularly popular among cloud and flavor chasers, sub ohmers and vapers using advanced e-cigs. The main benefit of a clapton coil is that it provides a larger surface area for vaporizing your e-juice. This increases your vapor output and the definite taste you get from your favorite flavors. Unlike other coils, a clapton coil has a thinner wire wrapped around a larger one. This allows for a much wider surface area to contact your e-juice, which can also help wick better and improve flavor delivery. However, a drawback of a clapton coil is that they may take a bit more time to ramp up before they’re ready to vape. This can be annoying if you’re trying to get up to temperature quickly, but it’s worth remembering that a wattage mod can easily adjust the power for optimal performance. If you’re interested in trying out a clapton coil, you might want to consider purchasing one pre-wound or making your own. However, be aware that a clapton coil is more complex than other coils, so it may take a while to build.


Ceramic vape coils are a great option for those looking to experience pure flavor and avoid dry hits. They also have the potential to last longer than cotton wicks and provide a smoother vapor experience. Generally speaking, there are two main types of ceramic coils: The CCELL and the metal ceramic coil. Both of these use a cotton wick but the CCELL design encases the coil in a ceramic cylinder. This approach protects the coil from heat damage and keeps metal oxidation at bay. In addition, the ceramic wick is more porous than cotton, so it can absorb e-liquid better. This makes them ideal for vaporizers that are used with low-temperature e-liquids.

History of Juul

The timeline of Juul has been dramatic and interesting, to say the least. Here at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, we find it useful to explore things like this since we sell their products. There are people within the company who remember some of the drama that has taken place over the years, and they also remember that there have been some really great times as well. Today, we want to look at Juul’s history, what it has meant for the company, and what it may spell for their future ahead. 

What’s the History of Juul? 

Initially, Juul started as a small company interested in helping people quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, the brand was highly applauded for doing great work for people who were doing everything in their power to give up the smoking habit. They initially targeted the middle-aged and male community as this was the community of people who were most likely to be smokers already. They wanted to help those people get off the habit, and it seemed like it was starting to work. 

Teenagers Become Interested

One of the problems for Juul almost from the start was that teenagers quickly became interested in the products that Juul was selling. This is a big no-no as far as regulators are concerned since teenagers are underage for purchasing these tobacco products. However, many teenagers found ways around this by getting their older friends to purchase for them. In so doing, the teenagers found a way to circumvent systems meant to protect them. Thus, it wasn’t long before Juul’s history started becoming one of teenagers working out ways to get around regulators and get what they wanted no matter the cost. 


Recently, the FDA announced a ban on Juul products being sold in the United States. This, and other factors (including various lawsuits), have led to Juul taking a tremendous tumble from the heights that it had once enjoyed. The company can no longer boast about how large it is quite as much as it once did, and there are other concerns as well. Thus, Juul has largely become a shadow of its former self, but they are working on rebuilding that reputation. 

A Temporary Hold on the Ban

One thing that Juul has going for it at the moment is a lengthy legal battle ahead. It seems likely that the company will take actions that protect it from this total ban announced by the FDA. In fact, the company has already done so by fighting back against what the FDA has tried to propose. They have already received some temporary relief from the ban, and they are likely to completely defeat it at the end of the day. It doesn’t seem like this will be allowed to stand, and those who enjoy their Juul products can be very pleased with this fact. 

What’s Going On With Juul?

The people at Juul have been under a lot of pressure lately as they faced a potential Juul ban from the FDA. It seems that the Food and Drug Administration will stop at nothing to enact their agenda and make sure that people aren’t able to buy the Juul products that they want. Here at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, we are glad to hear that there has been an update on Juul ban that gives the company some reprieve from the ruling by the FDA. What we know is that government overreach is a real thing, and it seems that some government agencies are willing to do whatever it takes to get Juul banned. 

The Latest on the Juul Ban

The FDA has put a temporary hold on its proposed ban for Juul products. They had decided that Juul products would be a banned product in the United States, but there appear to be some changes coming to that ruling that will make it easier for the company to continue operations going forward. The company has at least a temporary relief from the pressure of the FDA to completely ban the products. After all, it seems rather unfair that a single company (Juul) would receive such a hefty ban order from the FDA. 

Targeting a Single Company

Juul has made a compelling argument on its own behalf to say that it is unfair that the FDA ruling targets them specifically as they are but a single company operating in the vaping space. They feel that they are being singled out unlawfully and are ready to fight back to the greatest extent of the law possible. Juul wants to make sure that they will not be made into a scapegoat for problems throughout the vaping industry just because the FDA feels like it. 

The Future

Going forward, it seems like Juul may have a long road ahead. There are many reasons to believe that the company has to do its best to stand up to the increasing pressure it feels on its brand. It is not fair that so much force is singularly coming down on Juul itself, but that is how the various federal agencies have decided to play things at this time. With all of this in mind, Juul is working on its strategies to make sure it has a response if and when the FDA continues its pursuit of Juul as an individual company. 

It is not yet obvious if the FDA will move forward with its proposed ban or if it will back off from this. Until we know for sure, we will continue to offer Juul products to our customers who want them. We know how popular these products are, and we just want to continue to provide the people with what they want. We believe that the FDA should back off of its proposed actions, and we hope to see that pan out to be exactly what they ultimately do. 

Restrictions That Congress Imposed on Vape Product Shipping

Can you send vape products in the mail? There’s no doubt that vapers want to know the answer to this question after vaping and vaping and vape supplies shipping restrictions were instituted by Congress. Many are not aware of the current restrictions, which means that they still expect the companies to ship their products.

Even Schedule 2 substances, such as Vyvanse and Adderall, have fewer mailing restrictions than vape products. There’s much you need to know about the current vape product shipping restrictions.

1. Restrictions on Online Sales of E-Cigarettes

In September 2020, a federal court issued a ruling that restricted the online sales of e-cigarettes. The FDA had filed a lawsuit against Juul Labs, one of the biggest e-cigarette manufacturers in the United States. The agency alleged that the company had illegally shipped its products to consumers without first obtaining approval from the FDA.

2. Preventing Children from Accessing e-cigarettes

In December 2020, the US Postal Service (USPS) announced that it would no longer ship e-cigarettes. The USPS said that the decision was to prevent children from accessing e-cigarettes.

It’s important to note that the USPS is not the only shipping company that has imposed restrictions on e-cigarettes. Most shipping companies, including FedEx and UPS, have imposed similar restrictions.

3. Business-to-Business Shipment Allowed

It’s worth noting that the current restrictions only apply to business-to-consumer shipments. This means that businesses are still allowed to ship e-cigarettes to other companies. However, the e-cigarettes must be shipped using a ground delivery service. This means that companies will not be able to use air delivery services to ship e-cigarettes.

There are some exceptions to the current restrictions on vape product shipping. For instance, adult smokers who want to switch to vaping can still purchase e-cigarettes online. In addition, people who need e-cigarettes for medicinal purposes can also purchase them online. However, it’s important to note that these exceptions only apply to individuals 21 years of age or older.

4. Private Citizen Shipments Restricted

It’s also important to note that the current restrictions on vape product shipping also apply to private citizens. This means that individuals who want to ship e-cigarettes to friends or family members will not be able to do so. In addition, the rule stipulates that e-cigarettes can only be shipped using a ground delivery service.

The current restrictions on vape product shipping are likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. This is because the FDA is still in the process of developing regulations for the e-cigarette industry. Until the FDA finalizes its regulations, the restrictions on vape product shipping are likely to remain in place.

What Does This Mean for Vapers?

The current vape product shipping restrictions are likely to impact the vaping industry significantly. This is because the restrictions will make it difficult for vapers to obtain e-cigarettes. In addition, the restrictions will also make it difficult for businesses to ship e-cigarettes to customers.

It’s important to note the current restrictions on vape product shipping are not permanent. The FDA is still in the process of developing regulations for the e-cigarette industry. Once the FDA finalizes its regulations, the restrictions on vape product shipping are likely to be lifted. Until then, vapers will need to find other ways to obtain e-cigarettes.


Congress has imposed several restrictions on vape product shipping. The most notable restriction is the ban on business-to-consumer shipments. This means that businesses are not allowed to ship e-cigarettes to consumers. The FDA is still in the process of developing regulations for the e-cigarette industry. Contact Emporium Tobacco & Gifts and learn about the current vape restrictions.