How To Choose the Right Cigar Humidor

Even the most experienced cigar aficionados can struggle with certain aspects of their hobby. For starters, there is an art to knowing how to choose the right humidor. What is a Hygrometer? This is another common question, and we can understand how overwhelming it all can be. After all, the humidor is a key tool for any cigar smoker.

If the humidor is chosen correctly and properly tended to, the cigars inside will remain fresh for years to come. Every cigar aficionado deserves to enjoy this type of long-term peace of mind, and that’s why we have prepared this helpful guide. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following tips.

Size Is Crucial

This is just sensible thinking. Common sense would dictate that you should choose a humidor that provides your cigars with enough room to breathe. How many cigars do you like to have on hand at a given take? How often do you smoke one? As your collection continues to grow, you are going to want to bear that in mind as well. If you are planning on continued expansion, you need to choose a humidor that is reflective of that.

Be Honest With Yourself About Capacity

Think about it like this. If you are someone who only likes to have an occasional glass of wine, the last thing that you would want to do is start remodeling your home to include a massive wine cellar. The same principle applies when it is time to choose a humidor. As a rule of thumb, the capacity of the humidor that is chosen should be slightly larger than the number of cigars that you have on hand. There is a balance to be struck. Give yourself room to grow but don’t overdo it.

Consider Your Preferred Cigar Sizes

What size is your preferred type of cigar? The humidification device must also be included in these calculations, which is a mistake that is often made. This means that you should be ramping down the amount that you can keep in each box. For example, a 100-count humidor should not be taken literally. In most instances, these boxes are only going to hold 80 cigars or so. These counts are based on the traditional Churchill, so if you enjoy a fatter cigar? The box will hold even less. A 25 count becomes a 10 count very quickly in these instances.

75% Capacity Is Your Best Bet

After all, it is not like you allow your car to completely run out of gas before filling it up. The humidor will function in the exact same way. Before purchasing a humidor, make your decision with the idea that it is going to be filled up to 75 percent of its total capacity at all times.

Infused or Traditional?

Last but certainly not least, the smoker will have to choose the humidor that works best for their particular taste in cigars. If you smoke infused cigars, the rest of the cigars that are being kept in your humidor will take on a similar flavor. In fact, even the wood itself will take on notes of these infusions, and this is not the best thing for someone who is looking to maintain the flavor of their cigars over the course of time. If you are going to be keeping infused and traditional cigars on hand, it is best to select a different humidor for each of them.

A Brief History of Cigars

What’s the history of cigars? Many who use cigars don’t seem to have information about the history of the product. Therefore, if you’re trying cigars for the first time, it’s essential to invest some time to try and learn a few details about cigars. Here are some of the crucial information you need to know about cigars.

When Were Cigars Invented?

The current understanding is that the native people of the Americas probably invented cigars. These people rolled tobacco leaves and smoked them for religious and medicinal purposes. There’s also evidence to suggest that ancient Egyptians smoked tobacco, although it’s unclear if they rolled them into cigars. The first written reference to cigars comes from Christopher Columbus, who observed the natives of Cuba smoking them. He brought tobacco back to Europe, where it quickly became popular. By the early 1500s, cigars were being made in Spain and Portugal.

Different Types of Cigars

Essentially, there are two main types of cigars — those made with natural tobacco leaves and those made with flavored tobacco leaves. Most cigars on the market today are made with natural tobacco leaves. Flavored cigars were popularized in the early 1800s by Cuban cigar makers. They used different flavors to mask the harsh taste of tobacco. Today, flavored cigars make up a small minority of the cigar market.

How Are Cigars Made?

The process of making cigars has changed very little over the centuries. The first step is to select the tobacco leaves that will be used. The leaves are sorted and trimmed before being rolled into cylindrical shapes. Once the cigar is rolled, it is placed in a mold to hold its shape. After that, the cigar is left to dry for several weeks. Once it is dried, it is ready to be smoked. The early Native Americans followed this practice, which is still used today.

The Length of a Cigar

Cigars come in all different shapes and sizes. The length of a cigar is measured in inches, and the width is measured in a ring gauge. The vast majority of cigars today are between four and eight inches long. The most popular size is the Robusto, five inches long with a 50-ring gauge.

The strength of a cigar is determined by the amount of nicotine it contains. Nicotine is a natural substance that is found in tobacco leaves. The higher the nicotine content, the stronger the cigar will be. Cigars are generally classified as mild, medium, or full-bodied. The vast majority of cigars on the market today are medium-bodied.


Understanding the history of cigars can help you appreciate them more. This is a product that is currently enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It’s also a product with a long and exciting history. Next time you light up a cigar, take a moment to think about the people who first invented them and the journey that cigars have been on over the centuries. Contact Emporium Tobacco & Gifts for all your cigar needs.

Are Cuban Cigars Overrated?

There’s a lot of debate surrounding Cuban cigars. These tasty, thick cigars are well known for being the best of the best; however, is there any truth to these claims? Many people think Cuban cigars are overrated. Is it all just hype? What’s so special about Cuban cigars?

Below, we cover everything you need to know about Cuban cigars. Read on to decide whether you think Cuban cigars are overrated or not.

Expert studies show a stark difference in Cuban cigar flavor

What makes a cigar considered high quality? To find out, researchers from Virginia Wesleyan University conducted a study in 2003 during which they blind-tasted several cigars featured in Cigar Aficionado. The research showed there is a stark difference between the flavor of Cuban cigars and those from other parts of the world.

“The ability of the judges to identify the Cuba characteristic in a blind taste test suggests the presence of a unique Cuban flavor,” the researchers discovered.

What Cuban cigars taste like

What’s so special about Cuban cigars? Is it their flavor? As the researchers from Virginia Wesleyan University discovered, there is a distinct flavor to Cuban cigars—but just like any type of cigar, Cuban cigars vary in flavor. Some cigars, like the Montecristo, feature a sweet and smooth flavor with some hints of fruit. Others, like the Partagas, feature a more robust and spicy flavor profile. It’s easy to find a Cuban cigar featuring your favorite flavors, though it’s best to do your research before making a purchase.

What makes Cuban cigars stand out

Are Cuban cigars overrated? While it depends on whom you ask, there is certainly something special about Cuban cigars—but what is it that makes them stand out? For one, there’s a lot of special care put into each Cuban cigar. The process for making a Cuban cigar is extremely extensive and often requires 100 different steps. These cigars are also made with top-quality materials, many of which you can only find in Cuba. Cuban cigar makers use a method that hasn’t changed for around a century.

Where to find Cuban cigars

Interested in trying a Cuban cigar for yourself? Sadly, Cuban cigars are pretty difficult to find in the United States, and you run the risk of purchasing fakes when buying online. The only way to get these cigars is by visiting Cuba. It’s now possible to bring Cuban cigars back to America after a visit to Cuba, but only a limited supply. If you enjoy Cuban cigars, you may have to extend your vacation in Cuba.

Looking for top-quality tobacco and smoking products?

While we don’t have any Cuban cigars, Emporium Tobacco & Gifts offers a huge variety of top-quality and tasty loose-leaf tobacco. Let one of our experts help you pick the perfect tobacco to satisfy your craving for a Cuban cigar. We also have a variety of beautiful pipes. Visit our shop today to find the perfect pipe to add to your collection. We look forward to helping you make the ideal selection!

What is the Best Cigar for You? How to Choose

Lots of people enjoy winding down with a quality cigar, but many people don’t know how to choose a cigar that offers the best smoking experience. There are so many different types of cigars to choose from with various flavors, ingredients and styles, and choosing one can be overwhelming.

The good news is that there are a lot of tips that can make it easier to choose the right cigar. If you’re wondering how to choose the best cigar, keep reading.

How do I select the best cigar for me?

Here are a few things to look for when shopping for a cigar to make sure that you get the best smoking experience possible:

Finding the best cigar for you

If you’re in the market for a cigar that will provide you with a great smoking experience, stop by Emporium Tobacco & Gifts. We have been providing customers throughout the area with the highest-quality tobacco, smoking and vaping products available for over 20 years. Our team will provide you with personalized recommendations to help you find the products that are right for you. Stop by today to browse our extensive inventory for yourself.

How to Identify a Great Cigar

Unlike buying a pack of cigarettes, picking out the right cigar can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different brands, flavors and sizes that your head can spin when you’re at the smoke shop!

Thankfully, we’re here to help. This guide will explain what makes a great cigar in Rutland, VT, and help you find the right cigar for you.


The cigar’s appearance is the first thing you’ll notice when you’re at the smoke shop. While an ugly-looking cigar can still taste great, that’s typically not the case. Cigars with uniform wrapping color and a seamless finish are typically of a higher quality.

Additionally, you should be able to see consistent folds of tobacco from the foot up to the wrapper. This is a trait exhibited by Cubans and other high-end cigars.

Taste and aroma

A cigar’s flavor and aroma are obviously subjective. What tastes and smells good to one smoker might be undesirable to another. One thing to note, though, is that a quality cigar won’t taste harsh or bitter. Another trait of a quality cigar is that it tastes and smells great from the moment you light it to the time you snuff it out.


Another thing to consider when it comes to what makes a great cigar in Rutland, VT is the construction. A great cigar doesn’t require a ton of effort to get a good draw, but a cigar that pulls too easily is likely under-filled. Look for a cigar that’s neither too hard nor too easy to smoke.


You know you’re smoking a great cigar from a reputable brand when each cigar has a consistent taste, aroma and appearance. Good rollers know how to make quality cigars at scale, so each cigar will have identical qualities regardless of the box it comes from.


Cigars range in price from a few bucks each to $30 or more for a single cigar. The price discrepancies are due to things like the cigar’s rarity, age, size and packaging. Our advice is to pay what you’re comfortable spending for your chosen cigar. If it’s out of your budget, the cigar probably isn’t worth it.


Where you smoke your cigar is another important thing to consider. Any cigar and cigar-smoking experience can be ruined if you’re in windy outdoor conditions. If you frequently smoke outside, be sure your cigar won’t go out when the wind catches the flame.


If you’re enjoying your cigar while playing cards with friends or relaxing at a smoking lounge, there’s a good chance you’re pairing it with a drink. Many cigars pair perfectly with a glass of bourbon or scotch, but others—like an Ashton Classic—go well with a vodka martini. Be sure to consider your preferred cocktail before buying a cigar.

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