How To Choose the Right Cigar Humidor

Even the most experienced cigar aficionados can struggle with certain aspects of their hobby. For starters, there is an art to knowing how to choose the right humidor. What is a Hygrometer? This is another common question, and we can understand how overwhelming it all can be. After all, the humidor is a key tool for any cigar smoker.

If the humidor is chosen correctly and properly tended to, the cigars inside will remain fresh for years to come. Every cigar aficionado deserves to enjoy this type of long-term peace of mind, and that’s why we have prepared this helpful guide. Be sure to read on and learn more about the following tips.

Size Is Crucial

This is just sensible thinking. Common sense would dictate that you should choose a humidor that provides your cigars with enough room to breathe. How many cigars do you like to have on hand at a given take? How often do you smoke one? As your collection continues to grow, you are going to want to bear that in mind as well. If you are planning on continued expansion, you need to choose a humidor that is reflective of that.

Be Honest With Yourself About Capacity

Think about it like this. If you are someone who only likes to have an occasional glass of wine, the last thing that you would want to do is start remodeling your home to include a massive wine cellar. The same principle applies when it is time to choose a humidor. As a rule of thumb, the capacity of the humidor that is chosen should be slightly larger than the number of cigars that you have on hand. There is a balance to be struck. Give yourself room to grow but don’t overdo it.

Consider Your Preferred Cigar Sizes

What size is your preferred type of cigar? The humidification device must also be included in these calculations, which is a mistake that is often made. This means that you should be ramping down the amount that you can keep in each box. For example, a 100-count humidor should not be taken literally. In most instances, these boxes are only going to hold 80 cigars or so. These counts are based on the traditional Churchill, so if you enjoy a fatter cigar? The box will hold even less. A 25 count becomes a 10 count very quickly in these instances.

75% Capacity Is Your Best Bet

After all, it is not like you allow your car to completely run out of gas before filling it up. The humidor will function in the exact same way. Before purchasing a humidor, make your decision with the idea that it is going to be filled up to 75 percent of its total capacity at all times.

Infused or Traditional?

Last but certainly not least, the smoker will have to choose the humidor that works best for their particular taste in cigars. If you smoke infused cigars, the rest of the cigars that are being kept in your humidor will take on a similar flavor. In fact, even the wood itself will take on notes of these infusions, and this is not the best thing for someone who is looking to maintain the flavor of their cigars over the course of time. If you are going to be keeping infused and traditional cigars on hand, it is best to select a different humidor for each of them.