What Is Dry Herb Vaping?

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Today, there are many ways to enjoy cannabis, including vaping, smoking, and edibles. Not everyone wants to smoke or use edibles, though, so what other options are there?

One option is dry herb vaporizers. This provides you with more flexibility in how you can enjoy your cannabis. This quick guide will provide you with some more information on these devices and help you decide if they are a good option for you.

What Are Dry Herb Vaporizers?

These devices are designed for people who would rather vape than smoke. The device produces a vapor cloud. The cloud contains the plant material you can inhale to experience the effects of your cannabis.

Dry herb vaporizers are often preferred because they are so easy to use.

How Does It Work?

The device works by heating up the dry cannabis flowers. This process creates a gas or vapor, which contains the plant material in it. This process extracts the flavors and aromas of the herb. A user will feel the effects when inhaling the vapor.

You should note that this device does not work with oil concentrate. It only works with dry cannabis. The dry cannabis is inserted into the cartridge for use.

Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

When you start shopping for a dry herb vaporizer, you will quickly discover that there are two main options available; portable and desktop.

A portable device is also sometimes called a vape pen. This device is very small, making it easy to carry with you.

Desktop herb vaporizers are often larger and will have a plug-in power source. This type of device is often used at home where a steady power source can be accessed. This option will hold a larger amount of dry herb for longer sessions or for sharing with friends.

There are also different types of heating methods that can be used.

Conduction vs Convection Vaporizers

The conduction method is a heating method that uses direct contact. The heat source directly contacts the dry herb. This type will also often use an open flame heating plate.

The convection method, however, actually uses a liquid or a gas to help with the movement of heat. Hot air is circulated around the herb during each hit. Cannabis is not directly combusted using this method.

Many people prefer convection to conduction. The conduction method can often produce a burnt smell or taste. It is also possible for cannabis to become overheated in the chamber. Many users also think that the conduction method wastes cannabis because it will continue to burn in between hits, while the convection method only heats the cannabis during a hit.

If you are new to cannabis or new to vaping, you will want to talk with an industry professional to get advice on which device would be right for you.

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