What’s Going On With Juul?

The people at Juul have been under a lot of pressure lately as they faced a potential Juul ban from the FDA. It seems that the Food and Drug Administration will stop at nothing to enact their agenda and make sure that people aren’t able to buy the Juul products that they want. Here at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, we are glad to hear that there has been an update on Juul ban that gives the company some reprieve from the ruling by the FDA. What we know is that government overreach is a real thing, and it seems that some government agencies are willing to do whatever it takes to get Juul banned. 

The Latest on the Juul Ban

The FDA has put a temporary hold on its proposed ban for Juul products. They had decided that Juul products would be a banned product in the United States, but there appear to be some changes coming to that ruling that will make it easier for the company to continue operations going forward. The company has at least a temporary relief from the pressure of the FDA to completely ban the products. After all, it seems rather unfair that a single company (Juul) would receive such a hefty ban order from the FDA. 

Targeting a Single Company

Juul has made a compelling argument on its own behalf to say that it is unfair that the FDA ruling targets them specifically as they are but a single company operating in the vaping space. They feel that they are being singled out unlawfully and are ready to fight back to the greatest extent of the law possible. Juul wants to make sure that they will not be made into a scapegoat for problems throughout the vaping industry just because the FDA feels like it. 

The Future

Going forward, it seems like Juul may have a long road ahead. There are many reasons to believe that the company has to do its best to stand up to the increasing pressure it feels on its brand. It is not fair that so much force is singularly coming down on Juul itself, but that is how the various federal agencies have decided to play things at this time. With all of this in mind, Juul is working on its strategies to make sure it has a response if and when the FDA continues its pursuit of Juul as an individual company. 

It is not yet obvious if the FDA will move forward with its proposed ban or if it will back off from this. Until we know for sure, we will continue to offer Juul products to our customers who want them. We know how popular these products are, and we just want to continue to provide the people with what they want. We believe that the FDA should back off of its proposed actions, and we hope to see that pan out to be exactly what they ultimately do.