History of Juul

The timeline of Juul has been dramatic and interesting, to say the least. Here at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, we find it useful to explore things like this since we sell their products. There are people within the company who remember some of the drama that has taken place over the years, and they also remember that there have been some really great times as well. Today, we want to look at Juul’s history, what it has meant for the company, and what it may spell for their future ahead. 

What’s the History of Juul? 

Initially, Juul started as a small company interested in helping people quit smoking cigarettes. In fact, the brand was highly applauded for doing great work for people who were doing everything in their power to give up the smoking habit. They initially targeted the middle-aged and male community as this was the community of people who were most likely to be smokers already. They wanted to help those people get off the habit, and it seemed like it was starting to work. 

Teenagers Become Interested

One of the problems for Juul almost from the start was that teenagers quickly became interested in the products that Juul was selling. This is a big no-no as far as regulators are concerned since teenagers are underage for purchasing these tobacco products. However, many teenagers found ways around this by getting their older friends to purchase for them. In so doing, the teenagers found a way to circumvent systems meant to protect them. Thus, it wasn’t long before Juul’s history started becoming one of teenagers working out ways to get around regulators and get what they wanted no matter the cost. 


Recently, the FDA announced a ban on Juul products being sold in the United States. This, and other factors (including various lawsuits), have led to Juul taking a tremendous tumble from the heights that it had once enjoyed. The company can no longer boast about how large it is quite as much as it once did, and there are other concerns as well. Thus, Juul has largely become a shadow of its former self, but they are working on rebuilding that reputation. 

A Temporary Hold on the Ban

One thing that Juul has going for it at the moment is a lengthy legal battle ahead. It seems likely that the company will take actions that protect it from this total ban announced by the FDA. In fact, the company has already done so by fighting back against what the FDA has tried to propose. They have already received some temporary relief from the ban, and they are likely to completely defeat it at the end of the day. It doesn’t seem like this will be allowed to stand, and those who enjoy their Juul products can be very pleased with this fact.