Vaping Versus Smoking: Which Is the Lesser Evil?

You, your friend, or a family member smokes, but you consider switching to vaping. Is there a difference between smoking and vaping? Are there any health benefits to vaping that aren’t available if you smoke? These are some of the key differences between the two:

The Cost

The cost of cigarettes varies in the United States from about $6-$12 a pack. People who chain-smoke usually smoke at least one pack each day, which costs them no less than $42-$84 a week. That same person could buy a reliable vaping device and a bottle of e-juice for around $40 to $50. The difference is in the length of time the vaping device lasts. A heavy puffer might stretch it for a week or two, while a light user could extend it for an entire month. Ultimately, it’s less expensive to vape than smoke tobacco cigarettes. 

The Components

What you see is what you get with tobacco cigarettes. You get a thin little stick that goes between two fingers. The vaping world has a vast assortment of items to share, though. You can purchase a vaping device that looks like a traditional cigarette or pen, but you can also buy one that looks like a soapbox or bong. You can also purchase disposables if you don’t have enough money to get an entire rechargeable kit. Disposables usually offer a certain number of hits, and they go dead after the user reaches that limit.

Disposables are best for people who want to try the vaping experience. That way, they don’t risk a lot of money if they don’t like it. They range from $5.99 and can go up to $25, depending on the number of hits they offer. For example, the Pablo Bar offers 6,000 hits, and it goes for about $25, give or take a few dollars. 

The Smell

The smell is a huge difference between smoking and vaping. Tobacco smoke leaves a pungent smell on people’s hair, clothing, breath, etc. A vaping device will never leave such scents. In fact, most vaping juices leave a very pleasant smell. You get to choose from various flavors, like strawberry, watermelon, peppermint, etc. The vapor will fill the air for a fraction of a second with that fruity smell you love. 

The Feel

There is a significant difference in the way you will feel if you vape instead of smoking. The worn down and breathless feeling you might get from cigarettes will not occur if you vape. You’ll still have all your energy, and that’s most likely because vaping products don’t have a whole lot of extra ingredients. They aren’t 100 percent harmless, but they don’t have tar, formaldehyde, and some of the other ingredients you’ll find in cigarettes. 

Are Vaping and Smoking the Same Thing?

No, vaping and smoking are not the same thing, but both have the same potential for nicotine addiction. One process burns paper, tar, and other ingredients that you inhale. The other uses a device that heats a liquid with a small percentage of nicotine.