In-Depth Guide on How to Use Water Pipes

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Water pipes are an excellent investment, from excellent filtration and smooth hits to reduced bacteria and molds. These devices are worth your money and time, giving you the value for money you envision. While they assure you of unrivaled fun and bigger smoke hits, you need to understand how to use them well. The following information will guide you on how to use water pipes.

Place Everything Accordingly

Do you know how to use glass water pipes? You’ll need first to prepare your space. This step requires you to clear the table, keep it steady and get everything on standby. You will also need enough water. In this case, submerge the percolators in water, fill the chambers with water, and test out by inhaling with no smoke.

Ensure that you know how to place everything accordingly. Here, you will start by placing the bong on a flat surface with no inflammable substances. Hold the water pipe with your less dominant hand, putting it into your mouth on the mouthpiece.

Light the Bowl

Properly lighting the bowl will help minimize wastage. This process requires you to hold the lighter over the bowl. The best way to do this would be to place the device horizontally, positioning the flame at the edge of the bowl. The light must also be a little less close to the bowl, particularly if you want the herb to last longer.


Once your marijuana lights, you will be free to inhale it. Ensure that the inhalation process is gradual, meaning that it should not fill your lungs. It will also be wise not to overwhelm yourself, especially as a beginner. A half-full bowl will be excellent for novices. At the same time, avoid stale smoke.

It will help if you put out the flame before smoking your cannabis. Ideally, you need to remove the lighter as long as the herbs glow. However, this does not mean that you remove the water pipe from the mouth. Doing so translates to dissipation.

Suppose the bong has an ice pinch feature. In that case, you can use it to make your smoking experience more immersive. It would be best to fill the water pipe with as many ice cubes as you desire. However, ensure that you pour out excess water every time the ice melts. The idea is to ensure that the water level remains as you started, preferably not more than one inch high.

Clean It Properly

Ensure that you clean your water pipe after use. The process starts with emptying all the elements in the bong, including ash. You will then place it in a water jar, filling it with warm water and isopropyl alcohol. Ideally, this step focuses on the downstem. Next, pour hot water into the water chamber to remove the dirt.

Having a reliable water pipe will redefine your smoking experience, especially if you understand how to use it. Visit Emporium Tobacco & Gifts to get yourself a premium-quality device. Our professionals will also guide you in the selection process.

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