Are Cuban Cigars Overrated?

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There’s a lot of debate surrounding Cuban cigars. These tasty, thick cigars are well known for being the best of the best; however, is there any truth to these claims? Many people think Cuban cigars are overrated. Is it all just hype? What’s so special about Cuban cigars?

Below, we cover everything you need to know about Cuban cigars. Read on to decide whether you think Cuban cigars are overrated or not.

Expert studies show a stark difference in Cuban cigar flavor

What makes a cigar considered high quality? To find out, researchers from Virginia Wesleyan University conducted a study in 2003 during which they blind-tasted several cigars featured in Cigar Aficionado. The research showed there is a stark difference between the flavor of Cuban cigars and those from other parts of the world.

“The ability of the judges to identify the Cuba characteristic in a blind taste test suggests the presence of a unique Cuban flavor,” the researchers discovered.

What Cuban cigars taste like

What’s so special about Cuban cigars? Is it their flavor? As the researchers from Virginia Wesleyan University discovered, there is a distinct flavor to Cuban cigars—but just like any type of cigar, Cuban cigars vary in flavor. Some cigars, like the Montecristo, feature a sweet and smooth flavor with some hints of fruit. Others, like the Partagas, feature a more robust and spicy flavor profile. It’s easy to find a Cuban cigar featuring your favorite flavors, though it’s best to do your research before making a purchase.

What makes Cuban cigars stand out

Are Cuban cigars overrated? While it depends on whom you ask, there is certainly something special about Cuban cigars—but what is it that makes them stand out? For one, there’s a lot of special care put into each Cuban cigar. The process for making a Cuban cigar is extremely extensive and often requires 100 different steps. These cigars are also made with top-quality materials, many of which you can only find in Cuba. Cuban cigar makers use a method that hasn’t changed for around a century.

Where to find Cuban cigars

Interested in trying a Cuban cigar for yourself? Sadly, Cuban cigars are pretty difficult to find in the United States, and you run the risk of purchasing fakes when buying online. The only way to get these cigars is by visiting Cuba. It’s now possible to bring Cuban cigars back to America after a visit to Cuba, but only a limited supply. If you enjoy Cuban cigars, you may have to extend your vacation in Cuba.

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