Why Use Coconut Charcoal?

The fact is that if you’re a hookah enthusiast, using natural hookah charcoal is a must. Charcoal that uses natural ingredients like lemonwood, bamboo and coconut shell means that you’ll have a clean, chemical-free experience, unlike with quick-light charcoal. This leads to a longer, cleaner burn that results in less ash in the hookah bowl and better flavor.

Read on to learn more about the best coals for hookah.

Coconut shell charcoal

This is the most popular choice for hookah charcoal, as well as a very eco-friendly choice. Coconuts are harvested, but the trees are not cut down in the production of these coals. Typically, the coconuts are harvested in tropical places like Indonesia.

Then the coconut is melted into a paste. Prior to the paste hardening, the shell is compressed and made into coconut charcoal. This process leads to considerably-longer burn times than with traditional quick-light charcoal briquettes.

But the benefits don’t stop at much longer smoking sessions. Using coconut charcoal briquettes means you’ll get more flavor out of the tobacco. You’ll have less ash and will reduce the chances of cracking, as the smoke and heat are more evenly distributed. Using coconut charcoal eliminates the inclusion of any dangerous, flammable chemicals as well.

Perhaps the only negative of using coconut shell charcoal is that it’s not quite as convenient. As you might expect, coconut and other natural-charcoal briquettes don’t light as quickly as charcoal that includes flammable elements. To get coconut shell charcoal started, you’ll need an electric coil charcoal burner and about six to eight minutes. That said, you’ll only need to light one round instead of lighting new quick-light charcoal once every 15 minutes.

How to use coconut charcoal

Find an electric coil burner that’s reliable, or use a stovetop that has good ventilation. Place the briquettes directly onto the coils until one side glows red; then flip the briquettes. Once they’re glowing, utilize some hookah tongs, and put them into the bowl. Then enjoy your smoke session. Once you’re done, put the charcoal in water to extinguish them before throwing them away.

Which coconut charcoal brands are best?

There are many brands out there for coconut shell charcoal along with other natural briquettes. Some of them include CocoVapor Charcoal, Fumari Fuoco Coals, Charco Flare Charcoal and Cocourth Charcoal. No matter which one you pick, you’ll have a smoke session that’s bound to satisfy. You can pick up these leading brands at your local smoke shop. Rest assured that switching to a natural charcoal will enhance your hookah experience for the better.

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