What’s the Difference Between Pod and Mod Vapes?

Vaping has many terms that you should familiarize yourself with before making a purchase. A couple of common terms are pods and mods. These each cater to different kinds of vaping styles.

If you’re wondering about the debate between pod vapes vs. mod box vapes, read on for more information.

Should I get a pod or a mod vape?

Let’s start with what each of these kinds of vape are. Pods are smaller and more convenient. They’re easier to set up and, therefore, are better for first-time users. Mod vapes, on the other hand, produce better clouds and provide higher levels of flavor.

Which you choose ultimately depends on what you’re looking for out of the vaping experience. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Pod vapes pros and cons

One advantage of pods is that they’re easy to use. These are auto-draw devices that only have basic parameters and utilize replacement cartridges. Pods are similar to smoking a cigarette and don’t typically include adjustable wattage.

If you’re looking to create clouds, then vape pods aren’t for you. These are designed for nicotine intake and stealth vaping. Vape pods also tend to be a more affordable choice. Over the years, vape pods have evolved and now feature good flavor production and strong battery life.

Vape pods come in two different types: prefilled, disposable pods and refillable pods. Refillable pods have become more popular in recent years. These give you more control over what you’re vaping, as you can choose your favorite e-liquid. Regardless, you will want to invest in a high-quality battery for a pod-vaping device.

Mod vapes pros and cons

Many users prefer mods because they have far more power than pods. They offer higher wattage, superior firing power and additional temperature control. The end result is that you get better pull, more flavor and significantly larger vape clouds than with pods.

Mods also offer higher levels of comfort. Pods can be difficult to handle compared to mods, as they’re smaller and thinner. This does mean that mods are slightly less easy to carry around than pods, though.

While the initial cost for mods might be higher, users argue that they spend less in the long run compared to pods. Pod vapers must buy replacement cartridges, which end up being more expensive than the e-juice for mods.

Which one is right for me?

This is all dependent on your experience with vaping and what you’re interested in. For those intent on getting the most flavor and the biggest clouds, then mods are the better choice. If you’re looking for something that’s easy to transport and an effective replacement for smoking cigarettes, then you may want to consider pods instead.

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