Which Type of Vape Mod Should You Buy?

There are so many vaping options that it may seem overwhelming at first. Whether you want to buy online or at a local shop, considering which type of device you’re looking for is a good first step. You may also be wondering about which vape mod is best to start with.

Read on to find out about the different types of vape mods and which you might prefer.

How do I choose a vape mod?

There are five basic types of vape mods: cig-a-likes, mechanical mods, vape pens, box mods and pod mods. Let’s look in detail at each of these types:

  • Cig-a-like: These are ideal for people who are trying to quit smoking. As you might expect, these vaping devices resemble the size and shape of a cigarette, with some even including an LED light at the end to make it appear like a cigarette. This was the first device on the market and includes a battery and cartomizer with a flavor cartridge. The device is draw activated, so all you need to do is inhale to begin vaping. The downside of these devices is the shorter battery life. They also produce less vapor and contain a lower e-juice capacity.
  • Mechanical mods: If you want to customize your vaping experience, then a mechanical mod is the way to go. These mods have an atomizer, a battery and a case. They’re typically in the shape of a tube. If you want to learn how to build your own coils or want a device with a high-wattage capacity, then mechanical mods are a good choice. These aren’t great for people who are new to vaping.
  • Vape pens: These devices have a tank, a battery and safety features that will have them automatically shut down after a couple of seconds. Vape pens are extremely portable and include excellent e-juice flavors. They’re also affordable and easy to use. One negative is that they tend to have shorter battery life.
  • Box mods: For more control over the vaping experience, check out box mods. These include both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung inhalation methods. They also have a longer battery life. Box mods are large and bulky. They include ways to view the ohmmeter and calibrate the temperature. If you don’t want a vape mod with separate batteries, then you should avoid box mods.
  • Pod mods: If you’re searching for an updated version of the cig-a-like, then you may be interested in pod mods. It uses nicotine salt e-juices and is very easy to use and transport. Overall, it’s a similar experience to smoking a cigarette. Again, the battery life on these is lower. You may also not be able to produce as many clouds.

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