Study Finds Adults Who Vape Are More Likely to Quit Cigarettes

A study conducted in France showed that daily vape use is associated with a significantly higher decrease in cigarette smoking. The study was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine peer-reviewed medical journal and studied 5,000 daily cigarette smokers over two years. It found that smokers who vaped smoked fewer cigarettes each day and were more than one and a half times more likely to quit completely.

The study also tracked 2,000 former cigarette smokers and found that those who vaped were more likely to relapse back to cigarettes. So are you thinking, “Can vaping help me quit smoking?” The answer depends on the person.

We do know, though, that vapes contain far fewer toxins than traditional cigarettes. So, in theory, they are a safer alternative for anyone with a nicotine craving.

What are the benefits of vaping?

Vaping has a few other benefits in addition to kicking the cigarette habit. These are a few of the reasons to consider switching to vapes instead of cigarettes:

  • No nasty odors: The biggest benefit of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes is that your body, car, house and clothes won’t smell like cigarette smoke. While vaping does have an aroma, it can be a pleasant smell and is hardly noticeable—unlike the dreaded tobacco odor.
  • Nicotine-intake control: When folks ask us what the benefits of vaping are, we often tell them that they’ll have full control over their nicotine intake. Vapes range in nicotine levels from very strong to none at all. If you’re trying to quit smoking, start with a higher dosage of nicotine, and slowly work your way down.
  • Flavors for every palate: If you like the feeling you get from cigarettes but don’t enjoy the taste, vaping may be right for you. Vapes come in nearly any flavor you can think of. Flavors like apple, chocolate and mint are widely popular. Not only will you get that delicious taste when you inhale, but the vapor you exhale will also smell nice to those around you.
  • Affordability: Cigarette prices can be steep. Vapes are often more affordable, and there are products to fit any budget. Those who want to vape on a budget can get a disposable e-cigarette, while those with a little more to spend can invest in a higher-end, reusable device. Plus, vapes tend to last longer than a pack of cigarettes.
  • Availability: Vapes are more widely available than cigarettes. You can pick up a vape at convenience stores, gas stations or even dedicated vape shops. Wherever you are, there’s likely a store near you that has vape products in stock. There are even online retailers who will ship vape products to you.

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