What You Will Need for Your First Hookah

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Maybe you’ve enjoyed smoking hookah at public establishments, but the time has come to buy your own. Like any smoking device, there’s a little bit of a learning curve. However, getting the items you’ll need for your first hookah is easy in Rutland, VT—all you need is to read this article and stop by your favorite tobacco shop, like Emporium Tobacco & Gifts. Here’s what you’ll need to get when you’re bringing a hookah home for the first time:

  • The basics: Generally, most hookahs are sold as a set and come with the basics you’ll need: tongs, a bowl, grommets and hose. In addition, you will also need shisha, a foil or charcoal screen, mouth tips and charcoal. This is everything you’ll need to get your smoking session started.
  • Traditional or modern: Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want a traditional or a modern hookah. Traditional hookahs are made in the Middle East and Mediterranean, and tend to be larger, made out of combinations of metals. Modern hookahs are made outside of the Middle East and the Mediterranean (often in China), are lighter weight and can often be unscrewed to fit into carrying cases. Modern hookah bowls are usually made of ceramic, which doesn’t conduct heat as well as the traditional clay. You can still get great quality modern hookahs, but if you’re a purist, you might want to pick a traditional model. Just make sure it fits into your budget—and remember, you can always upgrade later.
  • Materials: There’s plenty of debate about which type of material is best. Many people believe brass is the best choice. However, it constantly needs cleaning and polishing to maintain its shine. If you choose stainless steel, make sure that it’s a very high quality. Otherwise, your hookah may develop corrosion and other issues.
  • Hose options: Multiple hoses sound like fun for a party, but beware: everyone who is not currently smoking will need to plug the mouth tip in order for the smoker to get enough suction. If you choose a multiple hose hookah, make sure you get rubber tips to plug the mouth tips that are not in use.
  • Height: Larger vases and stems tend to hold more smoke, but smaller hookahs can smoke well, too. Most users prefer a hookah somewhere between 28 and 32 inches, but it’s largely a matter of preference. Look at a few models before you decide which one is right for you.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect hookah, and have gotten the charcoal, mouth tips, foil or charcoal screen and—of course—the shisha, you should be all set for a brand-new smoking experience.

Buying a new hookah can be confusing, however, so make sure you ask the team at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts all the questions you have. We’ll not only help you pick the right hookah, but we’ll also make sure you have all the items you need for your first hookah in Rutland, VT. Call or come see us today!

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