The Benefits of Vaping Over Smoking Cigarettes

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Smokers everywhere, including right here in Rutland, VT, have been enjoying the benefits of vaping over smoking cigarettes for the past decade or so. And this isn’t just blowing smoke—there are many benefits to discuss when talking about vaping and smoking cigarettes.

Whether it’s the fact that there’s no smoke involved, the fact that there’s no lingering smell in the air or on clothing and that it doesn’t run the risk of starting a forest fire, there’s enough to make just about any smoker consider making the switch.

Benefits of vaping

Here are some of the benefits of vaping over smoking traditional cigarettes:

  • It’s cheaper: Cigarettes are getting more and more expensive. While a pack of cigarettes used to be around $5 in the 1990s, it’s going to cost $10 or more today—sometimes up to $20 a pack! Vaping is a much more cost-effective nicotine delivery system. In fact, the monthly cost of vaping can be about 10 percent of the cost of smoking cigarettes.
  • Less noticeable smell: One of the biggest problems with smoking cigarettes is the smell. Especially for non-smokers, the smell of cigarette smoke is a powerful thing, and sensitive noses can smell from a distance. Cigarette smoke also lingers on clothes, in hair and inside buildings and cars. Vaping doesn’t have this problem because there’s no smoke! You’re exhaling vapor, which dissipates into the air a few seconds after leaving your mouth. Plus, there’s no burning cigarette filling the air with smoke between puffs.
  • No fire needed: Vaping is a self-contained, electronic alternative to cigarettes. There’s nothing to light, and there’s no fire involved. A vape heats up the contents inside the unit (typically a liquid), and turns it into vapor, which is what you inhale. If you drop a vape onto a stack of newspaper, it’s not going to start a fire.
  • Less damaging: There are many, many studies out there showing the effects of vaping versus smoking cigarettes, but since vaping is so new, there isn’t much data on the long-term effects. But we do know that it does not involve inhaling smoke—which always contains carcinogens—and it does not contain the same harmful chemicals, additives or pesticides that many cigarettes do.
  • Similar to cigarettes: The process of vaping is similar to smoking cigarettes, and it doesn’t take long for a smoker to get used to it. You still bring a stick up to your lips and inhale, just like cigarettes. You still get that throat hit, just like cigarettes. You still exhale afterward, just like cigarettes. And it still allows for taking a smoke break, sometimes even in areas where smoking cigarettes is prohibited.
  • Different flavors: While there are flavored cigarettes on the market, there’s no comparison to the wide array of flavors available with vaping. With everything from tobacco to bubblegum to tropical peach, vaping offers a huge variety of flavors.

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