How to Identify a Great Cigar

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Unlike buying a pack of cigarettes, picking out the right cigar can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different brands, flavors and sizes that your head can spin when you’re at the smoke shop!

Thankfully, we’re here to help. This guide will explain what makes a great cigar in Rutland, VT, and help you find the right cigar for you.


The cigar’s appearance is the first thing you’ll notice when you’re at the smoke shop. While an ugly-looking cigar can still taste great, that’s typically not the case. Cigars with uniform wrapping color and a seamless finish are typically of a higher quality.

Additionally, you should be able to see consistent folds of tobacco from the foot up to the wrapper. This is a trait exhibited by Cubans and other high-end cigars.

Taste and aroma

A cigar’s flavor and aroma are obviously subjective. What tastes and smells good to one smoker might be undesirable to another. One thing to note, though, is that a quality cigar won’t taste harsh or bitter. Another trait of a quality cigar is that it tastes and smells great from the moment you light it to the time you snuff it out.


Another thing to consider when it comes to what makes a great cigar in Rutland, VT is the construction. A great cigar doesn’t require a ton of effort to get a good draw, but a cigar that pulls too easily is likely under-filled. Look for a cigar that’s neither too hard nor too easy to smoke.


You know you’re smoking a great cigar from a reputable brand when each cigar has a consistent taste, aroma and appearance. Good rollers know how to make quality cigars at scale, so each cigar will have identical qualities regardless of the box it comes from.


Cigars range in price from a few bucks each to $30 or more for a single cigar. The price discrepancies are due to things like the cigar’s rarity, age, size and packaging. Our advice is to pay what you’re comfortable spending for your chosen cigar. If it’s out of your budget, the cigar probably isn’t worth it.


Where you smoke your cigar is another important thing to consider. Any cigar and cigar-smoking experience can be ruined if you’re in windy outdoor conditions. If you frequently smoke outside, be sure your cigar won’t go out when the wind catches the flame.


If you’re enjoying your cigar while playing cards with friends or relaxing at a smoking lounge, there’s a good chance you’re pairing it with a drink. Many cigars pair perfectly with a glass of bourbon or scotch, but others—like an Ashton Classic—go well with a vodka martini. Be sure to consider your preferred cocktail before buying a cigar.

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