Why Are Cigars Better Than Cigarettes?

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Whether you only smoke on special occasions or you enjoy smoking on a daily basis, it’s important to make sure you have the best experience possible. Many people smoke cigarettes, but there are several reasons why we think cigars are better than cigarettes in Rutland, VT. Keep reading to learn more about cigars and why it’s a good idea to choose cigars over cigarettes.

Cigars vs. cigarettes

Cigars and cigarettes both contain nicotine and are commonly used to help people relax, but smoking cigars is about more than just smoking—it’s about the overall smoking experience. There are several reasons why cigars are better than cigarettes in Rutland, VT:

  • Cigars are more natural: One of the reasons why cigars are better than cigarettes is that cigars are more natural. Premium cigars contain just one ingredient: tobacco. Unlike cigarettes, which are full of artificial ingredients, added flavors, dyes and other chemicals, premium cigars contain only tobacco. The flavor of cigars comes from the unique qualities and characteristics of the tobacco blend.
  • Smoking cigars is an experience: Another benefit of smoking cigars is that it’s part of an overall experience. Cigars can last for more than an hour, and that allows people to have a smoking experience that’s far more enjoyable than quickly smoking a cigarette. In addition, smoking cigars is an experience a lot of people enjoy having with friends. Whether you’re smoking on your own or doing so during a social gathering, cigars provide the perfect time.
  • Cigars have better flavor: As any cigar smoker in Rutland, VT knows, it’s all about the flavor, and the flavor of cigars is far better than the flavor of cigarettes. Cigars have more dynamic flavors that are far more natural and authentic than the flavor of cigarettes. Cigars also have bolder flavors that are great for people who want to explore different varieties of tobacco to find out what they like best. If flavor is a priority for you, cigars are the way to go.
  • Cigar smoking is a hobby: Smoking cigars is a hobby for many people. Cigars are made all over the world with tobacco leaves that are grown, cured, blended and aged to create unique flavor profiles. Many cigar smokers make a hobby out of collecting and trying different cigars and finding out more about different varieties of tobacco and cigar curing techniques. Some cigar smokers even try their hand at blending and rolling their own cigars.

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