How to Choose Between a Water Pipe and a Dry Pipe

It’s never been more tempting to dive into the world of smoking. Thanks to the increasingly widespread legalization of recreational marijuana, countless new smokers are enjoying their first toke. Of course, if you want to make a true habit of smoking, you’ll need to get your own pipe. That begs the eternal question: will you be using a dry pipe or smoking with a water pipe in Rutland, VT?

Here’s how to tell which one is right for you.


One of the first considerations most people have when thinking about their choice of smoking device is how much it will cost. Typically, dry pipes are going to be cheaper than water pipes (also known as bongs), because they tend to be smaller. Given the varying quality of blown glass, however, the cost of a dry pipe can range from about $10 to several hundred for higher-quality, more ornate pieces.

Pro Tip: When choosing a reliable piece, even a dry pipe, don’t be governed entirely by cost. If you’re looking for something that will last, it’s going to cost more.


You’re probably familiar with the incredible variety offered by blown glass pipes, regardless of how big or small they are. If you keep your eyes open, you can find glass pipes blown into shapes both practical and abstract. If you’re perusing a selection of dry pipes, you can typically find wood and metal options, too.

When it comes to smoking with a water pipe in Rutland, VT, it pays to go with glass. Period.


While you should never use a pipe of any kind while in transit, it’s only natural to want to bring your pipe along with you from time to time. When it comes to ease of transportation, smoking dry pipes in Rutland, VT will undoubtedly be preferable to wet pipes. Bongs tend to be larger and rely on fresh water—two factors that conspire to make bongs harder to carry around.

Ease of use

If you’re a novice smoker, the odds are you will find it easier to learn from a dry pipe. The fundamentals of a dry pipe are simple: you pack some marijuana into the bowl, light and inhale. Once you master the carb, you’re good to go.

Water pipes, meanwhile, require more work to operate. They often force you to use one hand for multiple tasks like igniting a lighter and pulling a slide. Bongs are harder to keep clean, too. While those people who prefer water pipes will swear by them, they are undeniably more work.

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