Do I Need a Rolling Tray?

Rolling your own cigarettes is an art—and one that can lead to a lot of frustration and spilled tobacco or herb while you’re learning. To that end, there are plenty of people who prefer to smoke from pipes instead. However, carrying around a pipe isn’t particularly convenient. When you’re ready to start rolling your own cigarettes, the best way to expedite the process is to use a rolling tray.

Rolling trays typically come with a recessed area to catch any spilled tobacco, places to hold rolling papers and other helpful features. Read on to learn about the reasons to use a rolling tray in Rutland, VT.

Benefits of using rolling trays

Here’s a closer look at some of the key benefits of a rolling tray:

  • Makes it easier to roll cigarettes: The best reason to pick up a rolling tray is that it makes the rolling process a lot easier. The tray is specifically shaped to collect all the tobacco or herb in the middle of the rolling paper, which means less of it ends up on your floor. It’s also easier to maneuver the paper and herb to roll the cigarette, meaning you’ll waste fewer rolling papers and save yourself some frustration.
  • Keeps you from spilling tobacco and herb: Tobacco and herb aren’t cheap, which makes it prudent to use a rolling tray. Instead of dropping them on the floor, never to be seen again, your rolling tray will help collect anything that spills so you can use it in the next cigarette.
  • Easier to use than DIY options: DIY is fun for arts and crafts, but using an upside-down Frisbee or a piece of junk mail as a rolling tray is suboptimal. (Plus, depending on what you’re using, it can be downright unsanitary.)

Choosing a rolling tray

There is a wide variety of rolling tray sizes, features and shapes, which means you should be able to find something that suits your needs. When it comes to size, think about whether you need a portable option or if you want a bigger workstation.

Shape also plays a factor—some rolling trays will have multiple compartments to hold your tobacco or herb. Some models feature holders to store your cigarettes upright, or places to stash your rolling papers. No matter what kind of features you’re looking for, there’s guaranteed to be an option that’s right for you—and if not, many companies offer custom rolling trays.

Finally, make sure you take price into account. Some of the fancier models will, of course, cost a lot more than simple, standard options. However, there are plenty of attractive and functional options available no matter your budget, especially if this is your first rolling tray purchase.

If you like to roll your own cigarettes or are ready to learn, a rolling tray can make it a lot easier. Now that you know the benefits of a glass rolling tray in Rutland, VT, be sure to visit Emporium Tobacco & Gifts. We have a full selection of rolling trays available!