Disposable Vapes vs. Reusable Vapes

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Vaping is one of the fastest and easiest ways to smoke. When you’re choosing a vape pen, plenty of customers wonder whether they should opt for disposable or reusable vapes. What’s the difference, besides whether you can reuse them? Are reusable vapes better than disposable vapes in Rutland, VT?

Here’s what you need to know before you get ready to explore the world of vaping—and as always, the friendly staff at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts can help you decide which will work best for you.

How vape pens work

Vape pens are about the size and shape of a regular ink pen, and can either be reusable or disposable. The pen has a small enclosed battery, a heating chamber and a cartridge with vape juice or oil. Users either press a button to heat the cartridge or inhale to start the heating process.

When the vape cartridge is heated enough, it produces a fine, (usually) odorless vapor that is inhaled much like traditional smoking. Users in Rutland, VT enjoy vaping thanks to the convenience, portability and smoother smoking experience.

Should I choose disposable or reusable vapes?

Here are some factors to take into account when determining which type of vape pen is best for your needs:

  • Charging: When you choose a reusable pen, it will come with a charger (often USB powered). Depending on its battery capacity and age, you’ll need to charge your reusable vape pen every so often, or you won’t be able to smoke. On the other hand, disposable pens won’t need to be charged—once you’re done, you can dispose of them and move onto the next vape pen.
  • Maintenance: Reusable pens, like any reusable smoking device, will need maintenance on occasion. This includes cleaning with rubbing alcohol every month or so in order to keep the contact points clean and functioning properly. As you might imagine, disposable pens require no maintenance because you get rid of them when they’re empty (or if they malfunction).
  • Cost: Naturally, reusable pens will cost a little more upfront, but you’ll only need to replace the vape cartridge rather than the entire device. Disposable pens are much more expensive in the long run, since you’re buying a whole new device every time you empty a cartridge.
  • Waste: Speaking of buying a whole new device every time, disposable vape pens are more wasteful. If you’re trying to be environmentally conscious, using reusable vape pens is a much better solution. Instead of disposing of batteries and electronics, you’ll just be tossing a small glass and metal cartridge. This cuts down on harmful battery leaks in landfills, as well as reduces waste.
  • Smoking experience: Finally, your smoking experience will be different depending on which type you choose. Disposable pens are less powerful, which means you might experience weak draws when you go to smoke. Reusable pens offer a more robust smoking experience overall, thanks to the rechargeable battery.

Deciding which type of vape you prefer is a personal choice—and there’s nothing stopping you from trying both. If you’re ready to give vaping a try, stop by Emporium Tobacco & Gifts in Rutland, VT. We can help you decide if reusable vapes are better than disposable for your personal needs.

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