What Makes Hookah Different, and Why Is It So Popular?

Across the United States, more and more people are waking up to the fun that can be had when smoking a hookah. These pipes have a long, rich tradition dating back to the 1500s, when European missionaries brought tobacco with them on trips to Persia and India. While Christianity may not have had a lasting impact in the region, the tobacco certainly did. It wasn’t long before Indian nobles were smoking lots of tobacco.

One medical practitioner of the time determined that the tobacco had adverse health effects and, therefore, invented a means of “purifying” the tobacco by filtering it through water. Thus, the hookah pipe was created. But why is hookah so popular in Rutland, VT, today? We’ve got your answers!

What is a hookah pipe?

In a normal cigarette or tobacco pipe, you apply your combustion (i.e., the lighter) to your tobacco source and inhale the smoke directly. In a hookah, tobacco is placed in a bowl at the top of the hookah. It’s then lit and covered with a wind guard that controls the burning process.

Once a smoker begins to inhale, the smoke travels down a narrow tube, where it’s released into a water base. From there, the smoke travels through a hose and into the smoker’s mouth. For the smoker, the results are instantaneous.

Rising popularity

Okay, the mechanics of a hookah don’t explain why hookah is so popular in Rutland, VT. The answer to that question is simple:

  • A variety of different tobacco flavors can be used when smoking from a hookah pipe.
  • The water in the hookah pipe dulls the harshness of the smoke, making it easier to inhale.
  • Unlike the sometimes foul-smelling smoke that goes hand in hand with regular tobacco, the smoke from a hookah pipe smells lovely.

Don’t operate under the assumption that a hookah pipe is healthier for you than conventional smoking. It isn’t. That said, if you’re interested in exploring the opportunities of a more flavorful tobacco experience, there are plenty of benefits to picking up a hookah pipe.

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