Buying a Glass Pipe Shouldn’t Be So Hard!

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A glass pipe is one of the safer, easier and cleaner ways to smoke. Unfortunately, a lot of people might not know that, because purchasing a glass pipe can be confusing. There are so many different types of glass pipes in Rutland, VT that choosing the right one can seem impossible. That’s why we’re here to help! Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the different types of glass pipes to help you make a decision.

Spoon pipes

Spoon pipes are the original glass pipes first developed in the 1970s. Along with their spoon-like shape, these pipes are known for their deep bowl, short stem and thick glass body. Spoon pipes can cost as little as $20 and come in a variety of colors and designs. The biggest downside to spoon pipes is that they can easily become clogged if they’re not cared for.

Sherlock pipes

A Sherlock pipe has the same bowl size as a spoon pipe, but a very long stem that makes it look like an old-fashioned tobacco pipe. Since the smoke has a longer time to cool while it’s flowing through the stem, Sherlock pipes provide a smoother and cleaner smoking experience than spoon pipes. That long stem is also a Sherlock pipe’s downfall, as it can break if it’s mishandled. For that reason, these pipes aren’t great for traveling.


If you’re a smoker on the go, consider purchasing a chillum. These are small, shorthand pipes that don’t have a rush hole. All you have to do is pack it and light it! Chillums cost as little as $15 for a quality piece, so they’re also ideal for a smoker on a budget. Unfortunately, like a spoon pipe, chillums can also get clogged up and even start to smell bad if they’re not cleaned.


Similar to chillums, one-hitters are glass pipes in Rutland, VT that are perfect for anyone on the go. They can easily fit in your pocket and often come with a convenient carrying case. As the name implies, one-hitters are more for a single-use smoke, so they’re not great for those smoking with a group of people.


A steamroller is a long two-sided tube with a mouthpiece on one side, a rush hole on the other and a bowl pack in the middle. Since they’re so long—about one foot—steamrollers pack a punch, so they’re not really meant for a lightweight smoker.


With a small chamber underneath the bowl pack that filters the smoke, bubblers provide a bong-like smoking experience. Since they’re smaller and more affordable, bubblers are perfect for smokers who’d like to buy a bong, but might not have the money or space to store it. However, keep in mind that bubblers can be easy to break and hard to clean.

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