The Importance of Glass Thickness and Quality

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Ever since people first attempted to smoke tobacco, the pipe has been the go-to implement for most smokers. With the rapid rise in the popularity of marijuana in the last decade, it’s possible that a good glass pipe has become even more popular. Pipes are easier to use than rolling a joint, they last forever if they’re well cared for and they can also serve as a reflection of your personal tastes.

Of course, when you’re on the hunt for a pipe, you don’t want to spend your money on something that won’t hold up to repeat use. But how do you know if you are getting a good pipe? Here’s a quick primer on how to determine glass pipe quality in Rutland, VT, and why it’s so important.

Why is high-quality glass important?

Though you will inevitably end up paying more for glass pipe quality in Rutland, VT, many people find that’s worth the investment. High-quality glass not only lasts longer than the alternative, but it’s easier to clean and less likely to shatter if dropped.

Different glass thickness

More often than not, the larger a glass pipe is, the thicker the glass will be, with water pipes like bongs having the thickest glass. Typical glass thickness is measured in millimeters, ranging from 2 mm to over 5 mm. This glass is used for a variety of different purposes. For example, glass under 2 mm thick is often used for items like carb caps. Glass 5 mm in thickness and over is commonly used for bongs.

In general, the thicker the glass in your pipe, the better quality it will be, though that isn’t the case every time.

Different glass quality

Most of the time, the glass that is used for pipes, both wet and dry, is one of two types. The first is a variant called borosilicate glass. This is the same type of glass used to make lab equipment. It is incredibly durable and high quality. The second type of glass that is commonly used for pipes is a cheaper Chinese-made glass that, while less expensive, is often not as high quality as borosilicate.

The artist’s touch

Remember that glassblowing is as much about art as it is mechanics. The final factor that goes into the making of a glass pipe is the actual talent of the glassblower. You don’t have to be an artisan to pick up a pipe and see the skill that did (or did not) go into its creation.

The pipe place

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