Types of Water Pipe Designs

If you’re interested in buying your first water pipe in Rutland, VT, it’s important to know about the different options available so you can make a smart choice for your needs and smoking habits.

Water pipes, no matter which type of design you choose, can be made out of a variety of different materials. Glass, acrylic, ceramic, metal and even silicone are popular choices, and some may offer multiple design features like the ones listed below. Ultimately, smoking is a personal experience, and there are plenty of tools to create the kind you crave:

  • Straight tube: Straight tube water pipes range from about eight to 24 inches in height, and are comprised of a straight glass tube, often with a percolator, downstem or ice catchers. These are a nice “entry level” water pipe design.
  • Beaker base: Beaker base pipes are similar to straight tube pipes, but they have a beaker-shaped bottom that offers more stability. The sturdy base allows makers to build them in taller models, allowing for larger, smoother hits.
  • Round base: Round base water pipes are another variation on the straight tube and beaker shape, this time with a flat, round bottom that offers stability and the chance for more height.
  • Percolator pipes: Percolator pipes highlight their percolation feature, which cools down and diffuses the smoke before you inhale, making for a smoother smoking experience.
  • Multi-chamber: Multiple chambers in these pipes transfer the smoke from chamber to chamber, removing its harshness and cooling it down before you can inhale. This is considered one of the smoothest water pipes around.
  • Bubblers: When it comes to water pipes in Rutland, VT, there are none more portable than bubblers. These smaller water pipes offer the smooth smoking experience you get with water, but don’t come with a percolator like many water pipes offer.
  • Scientific glass: Scientific glass pipes actually refer to the material it’s made out of, which is of much higher quality than the glass that most water pipes use. They last longer because they don’t react to temperature changes as quickly as other glass.
  • Zongs or zig-zag pipes: Zongs have a z-shaped tube design, which cools the smoke further before you inhale and can even function as an ice catcher, enhancing the cooling effect. (Plus, they just look cool.)
  • Inline: Inline pipes have multiple inline horizontal percolators, often designed in eye-catching, intricate ways. They offer a superior smooth smoke, but tend to be on the more expensive side.
  • Dab rigs: Finally, dab rigs are designed to handle the intense heat generated by smoking dabbing wax concentrates. These are typically reserved for advanced smokers only.

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