Types of Glass Pipes

Different varieties of glass pipes produce different smoking experiences and effects. If you’re new to using glass pipes for tobacco and other smoking experiences, the type of glass pieces you use in Rutland, VT can have vastly different end results.

There are five basic types of glass pipes, all with various advantages and drawbacks—and which you choose depends on the type of experience you want to create:

  • Chillums: Chillums are very simple glass pipes in Rutland, VT that are little more than a basic tube. This style of pipe has been used in primitive cultures for centuries. The user packs a bit of dry herb into one end of the pipe and lights it from the other end. Drawbacks of this type of pipe include the lack of a carburetor and only being able to smoke a small amount of tobacco or other herbs.
  • Spoon pipe: Spoon pipes might be the most popular type of glass pipe available—they’re very similar to chillum pipes, with a slightly improved design. They have a small spoon-shaped bowl for the tobacco or herbs, as well as a carburetor. The user covers the carburetor with their finger to block air and then lights the bowl.
  • Sherlock: If you’re familiar with Sherlock Holmes, you can picture this type of glass pipe—it bears a resemblance to the Victorian-era wooden pipes with arched stems and raised bowls. It is used much the same way as a spoon pipe. You may have also heard these types of pipes referred to as “Gandalf pipes,” after the Lord of the Rings character, typically whenever the stem is extra-long. These types of pipes may have carburetors, but it’s not required.
  • Bubblers: Bubblers are so named due to their use of water and the bubbles produced when smoking. Bubblers are a type of hybrid glass/water pipe. The water added to the pipe smooths the smoking experience by acting as a filter, and depending on the temperature of the water, you can further customize your smoking experience.
  • Steamroller: Steamroller pipes are generally reserved for more advanced smokers. This type of pipe is open on both ends of a tube, with a bowl on one end. One end acts as a carburetor, while the other is for smoking. Some of them come with extra chambers that can cool the smoke before it’s inhaled.

If you’re not sure which type of glass pipe is right for you, be sure to ask the staff at Emporium Tobacco & Gifts for tips and suggestions.

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