Why Should I Invest in Hydroponics and Dirt Grow Kits?

Since July 2018, when the Green Mountain State legalized marijuana, many have discovered how much fun it is to grow and cultivate their own crops. Some are put off by the initial sticker shock of investing in hydroponics equipment and grow kits and opt to build their own grow system. However, those who put the money into hydroponics in Rutland, VT find that it is a worthwhile investment.

Six reasons to invest in hydroponic equipment and dirt grow kits

It’s important to do your research if you are considering dirt grow kits and hydroponics in Rutland, VT. There’s a lot to know about growing any type of crop using these methods, but you’ll find there are so many benefits to making this investment:

  • Set it up anywhere: Any location will do when you invest in a hydroponic setup and dirt grow kit. Whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors, in an empty shed or an unused portion of your backyard, there are so many different options for where you can place your new garden.
  • Less water consumption: When compared to soil-based gardening, the hydroponic growth process requires far less water. In fact, growing plants in a standard outdoor space requires about 20 times more water than a hydroponic environment. Additionally, the water used in your hydroponic system can be reused, which is impossible with traditional growing techniques.
  • Significantly easier: Every part of the hydroponic growing process is way less labor-intensive than trying to cultivate a crop in the ground. From general care to harvesting, with a hydroponic system, you have to spend much less time tending to your garden. While your friends who grow in an outdoor garden are mulching, tilling, weeding and changing soil, you can spend your time relaxing or focusing on other hobbies.
  • Complete control of the environment: The great outdoors can be fickle. Beautiful weather one day can be quickly followed by conditions that can have negative effects on your crop. With a grow kit and hydroponic equipment, you are in control of all the environmental elements that determine the health of your plants. The environment is sterile, which means you do not need to use pesticides. Furthermore, you provide all of the nutrients required to minimize unwanted elements in your crop.
  • Minimal space usage: In the amount of space it requires to set up your hydroponic space, you’ll yield more crops than in a space of the same size in a traditional outdoor plot. Surprisingly, an outdoor grow space would need to be 20 percent larger than a hydroponic setup to produce the same number of crops.
  • Year-round crops: If your hydroponic gear and grow kit is set up in an indoor space, you can grow throughout the year. It might be freezing outside, but in the privacy of your home, you can freely nurture your thriving plants.

While getting set up with a dirt grow kit and hydroponics in Rutland, VT may seem a little bit more involved than farming a patch of land in your backyard, the investment is well worth it. At Emporium Tobacco & Gifts, we’ve partnered with Southern Vermont Hydroponics. This means our customers are not only buying the highest quality grow kits and hydroponic systems, but they also have access to experts when questions or concerns arise. Contact us today about creating your own customized growing experience.