Five Common Vaping Mistakes

Many people enjoy vaping to reduce their dependence on combustible cigarettes or simply to relax and unwind. No matter what your vaping patterns involve, you want to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Unfortunately, a lot of people who vape make mistakes that can take away from the quality of the overall experience and even lead to costly equipment damage. Understanding some of the most common mistakes vapers make can help you adopt better vaping habits.

Nobody’s perfect, and even the most experienced vapers sometimes make mistakes. Here are five of the most common vaping mistakes in Rutland, VT:

  • Leaving settings unlocked: Once you’ve found the temperature and wattage settings on your vaporizer that work for you, lock them in. Leaving your vaporizer settings unlocked can result in overheating and other problems that put stress on your vaporizer and negatively affect your experience while you’re vaping.
  • Vaping with an unprotected tank: Most vape tanks are made of glass, and are therefore vulnerable to cracking, breaking and shattering when dropped. To avoid the hassle and cost involved in replacing your vape tank, use a tank band to protect it from impacts. A tank band absorbs the impact when the tank is dropped or mishandled, and it can prevent damage and breakage. If you don’t have a tank band on hand, you can use a hair tie for some added protection for your vape tank.
  • Unattended battery charging: Lots of people leave batteries charging unattended for hours, or even overnight. Leaving a battery in a charger after it’s achieved its full charge can cause batteries to overheat and damage both the batteries and the charger. Even if you have a battery charger that’s designed to stop charging once a battery has reached its full charge, it’s always best to remove a battery immediately once it’s charged up.
  • Using damaged batteries: Using damaged batteries in a vaporizer is a serious issue that can result in battery explosions and CO2 leaks. Some of the most common signs of battery damage are visible dents, wrapper peeling and corrosion. If you notice any of these signs, remove your damaged batteries immediately and check your battery terminals for signs of damage before installing new batteries.
  • Neglecting regular cleaning: One of the most common and damaging vaping mistakes in Rutland, VT is neglecting regular cleaning and maintenance. Over time, grime builds up on vaporizers and attracts bacteria and germs. Vaporizers must be cleaned regularly to reduce the spread of germs and prevent damage to coils, cartridges and mouthpieces.

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