How to Properly Store Your Cigars

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Many people enjoy smoking cigars, whether regularly or just on special occasions, but some smokers don’t know how to properly store or care for their cigars. Cigar care in Rutland, VT is important when it comes to preserving the flavor of your cigars, so it’s worth it to learn a little bit more about how they should be taken care of. Understanding more about cigar care can help you ensure that all of your smoking experiences are as enjoyable as possible.

Why cigar care is important

Cigars can be affected by their environment. If cigars aren’t stored in certain temperatures and humidity levels, they may be damaged and their flavor can be negatively affected. The key to storing cigars is to keep them in a climate that’s as similar as possible to the natural climate in which the tobacco was grown, which is typically warm and humid. Before cigars are smoked, it’s important to keep them in a regulated climate that’s warm and humid enough to maintain the quality and flavor of the tobacco.

Some people improvise a humid environment by putting cigars into a sealed bag with a damp paper towel or wash cloth inside, but this solution doesn’t typically work as well as using an actual humidor. Humidors are designed to maintain the ideal temperature and humidity level for cigars, and they are an essential investment for regular cigar smokers. Humidors can come in many different styles and sizes, depending on your particular needs. Avid cigar enthusiasts often use more than one humidor, while people who only occasionally smoke cigars typically only need a single small humidor.

When you use a humidor, it’s important to consider which types of cigars you plan to store. Storing different types of cigars together can lead to a mixture of flavors that doesn’t always taste pleasant. If you want to preserve the distinct flavors of different types of cigars, you should store them in their own humidors.

If you want to purchase a humidor, it’s a good idea to visit a shop that offers a selection of products to help with cigar care in Rutland, VT. When you go to one of these stores, you can ask for product recommendations and get advice from experts about which type of humidor is right for you. In addition, you can stock up on some cigars and other products that you need to get the most out of your smoking experience.

Get more tips for proper cigar care in Rutland, VT

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