Avoid Vape Explosions with Smart Maintenance

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If you use a vaporizer regularly, you want to feel confident that your equipment will continue to perform the way you want and need it to. Unfortunately, vaporizers often have issues that are caused by misuse or improper maintenance, and those problems can cause permanent damage to your equipment. In extreme cases, the device can even explode, which is a serious safety hazard. The good news is that you can minimize the risk of complications and avoid the cost and hassle of replacing your vaporizer by investing some time into vape maintenance in Rutland, VT.

Cleaning vape devices

The most important aspect of vape maintenance that you need to keep track of is regular cleaning. By cleaning your devices regularly, you will keep it operating effectively, minimize the complications associated with grime buildup and maintain a pleasant taste when you vape. On a weekly basis, you should perform a basic cleaning and rinse. You should clean your device thoroughly at least every few weeks, but you might need to do this more frequently if you use your device more often.

Basic cleaning

For basic cleaning every week or so, you should start by filling a bowl with warm water. Next, take your vape device apart and empty out any remaining e-juice. Put your tank components into the bowl of warm water to rinse off any e-juice residue. Next, dry off the components by laying them out on a paper towel and put your device back together once everything has dried completely.

In-depth cleaning

For a more thorough clean, start by emptying out remaining e-juice and taking your device apart. Using a clean cloth dipped in high-proof, unflavored vodka, wipe away grime and deposits of e-juice residue from your tank. You can do this after soaking your device components to loosen grime and residue before going in with your cleaning cloth. Rinse off your components with warm water after scrubbing them, and then let them air dry for about 10 minutes.

While you’re cleaning your tank components, you should pay attention to signs that you need part replacement. If your vape coil is looking particularly burnt, crusted or damaged and you are unable to remove grime during a thorough cleaning, it might be time to replace your coil. If you’re unsure about which type of coil is right for you or you need advice about other aspects of vape maintenance in Rutland, VT, you can request assistance at a local smoke and vape shop where professionals can provide you with informed tips and recommendations.

Get more tips for vape maintenance in Rutland, VT

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