Vermont’s Recent Ban on Online Sales of Vaping Products

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In recent years, the vaping industry has undergone all kinds of big changes. Technology has developed and policies are being put in place all the time to account for rapid changes in the vaping market. Recently a ban was placed on online vaping sales in Rutland, VT and throughout the state that has the potential to affect many people who use vaporizers and vaping accessories. To ensure that you are able to purchase the items that you need, it’s important to understand more about the ban on online vaping sales in Rutland, VT.

The basics of the ban

Vermont bill H.26 was signed into law in May. The bill restricts the online sale of vaping products, including electronic cigarettes, liquid nicotine and tobacco paraphernalia. The bill had bipartisan support and passed the senate and the house with an overwhelming majority. The bill has been opposed by many vaping groups\, who argue that it will negatively affect many people in Vermont’s rural communities who rely on online retailers for vaping products if they don’t live in close proximity to a brick-and-mortar vape shop.

The purpose of the ban is to address concerns of tobacco use by minors. A lot of teenagers have started using tobacco vaping products, and many of these minors obtain the products through online purchases. In addition to the ban on online vaping sales in Rutland, VT, the legislature has also passed numerous other pieces of legislation in the last year to combat the problem. One of the most contentious policies from the state is the passage of a 92 percent tax on e-cigarette juices and vaping accessories. This tax is expected to drive up costs significantly for regular vape users and many vaper advocacy groups are opposed to the tax, and other anti-vape legislation, because the bills would harm people who use e-cigarettes legally and fail to address the issue of underage vape use.

What you can do about it

If you want to prevent this legislation from negatively impacting vape users, there is something you can do. Signing the online petition against the new vaping tax allows you to make your voice heard. The more people sign this online petition, the more evidence there will be to show legislators that Vermont residents don’t want this kind of tax to be put in place. Instead, you can encourage your representatives to find more effective solutions to the problem of minors vaping without harming people who use e-cigarettes in accordance with the law.

Online vaping sales in Rutland, VT

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