Tips for Smoking a Cigar for the First Time

If you’ve never lit or smoked a cigar before, the first time can be a bit confusing. When you watch someone else do it, it seems pretty simple, right? You suck on one end and light the other. However, while smoking a cigar is pretty simple, it’s not quite that simple.

With this in mind, here’s a quick overview from our smoke shop about how to light up and smoke a cigar in Rutland, VT for the first time:

  • Cutting the cigar: Before you light the cigar up, you’ll need to cut off the end. It’s best if you do this with a cigar clipper designed specifically for this purpose—never bite off the end, and only use a knife if you don’t have a clipper. Avoid tearing the cigar—a nice, clean clip will give you the best smoking experience.
  • Lighting the cigar: There are a lot of different options for lighting the cigar, from standard lighters to matches to torch lighters. There are some who believe standard cigarette lighters can affect the flavor of the tobacco in a cigar, so you may be better off using a torch lighter if you have one available. In any case, you should begin by holding the cigar in your hands and placing the tip of the cigar just above the flame. Don’t start puffing immediately—let the end burn off to “prime” the tobacco. Spin the cigar to get an even burn. Once the end starts glowing orange, you’re ready to begin smoking.
  • Smoking the cigar: The biggest tip for beginners: do not inhale the smoke. This will get you coughing in a hurry, and you’ll definitely look the part of a beginner. Rather than breathing in with your diaphragm with you puff, pretend you’re sucking in air through a straw. You can then fill your mouth up with the smoke and blow it back out. After you do this a few times, the cigar will start producing thicker, white-colored smoke.
  • Keep it lit: Once you’ve taken the above steps, you can slow down a bit and enjoy the cigar. You do not need to puff constantly to keep it lit—the cigar will burn on its own. A drag once a minute or so will be sufficient. Remember, cigars are made for relaxing with, so don’t feel like you have to race through it and finish the cigar as quickly as possible. Depending on the size of the cigar, you may be able to smoke it for anywhere from half an hour to two hours.
  • The ash: While you smoke, there will be some ash that starts to form on the tip. You do not need to tap it off, like you would with a cigarette. That being said, too much ash can start to restrict airflow, so don’t let the ash get any longer than an inch or so.

For more tips for smoking a cigar in Rutland, VT, contact Emporium Tobacco & Gifts or pay a visit to our smoke shop today!