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Lots of people use CBD oils and products to help them wind down, alleviate anxiety and manage stress. However, if you aren’t familiar with different types of CBD oils and edibles, you might have a hard time finding the products that are right for you. If you want a tobacco-free, easy-to-use CBD product, you should consider Cannadips, which is likely available at your local smoke store in Rutland, VT. This product is similar to a traditional smokeless tobacco pouch and offers a number of great benefits for smokers, vapers and CBD enthusiasts alike:

  • Convenience: Nobody wants to deal with the inconvenience of a cumbersome or hard-to-use CBD product when they’re traveling. Cannadips comes in easy-to-use and easy-to-transport tins that you can slip into your pocket, into a purse or a backpack and take along with you wherever you go. And with 15 pouches packed into each tin, you have enough to share with your friends!
  • Time: Cannadips is made for quick doses. Users can experience the effects in as little as 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait around for the delayed doses that are common with other CBD products. You can experience all of the positive effects of the CBD blend in Cannadips without wondering when your dose might take effect. The quick-acting dose of Cannadips means that you can take the product when you want it, rather than having to plan too far ahead.
  • Stress-relief: CBD is known to help reduce stress and alleviate the symptoms of chronic anxiety conditions. When you use Cannadips, you get to enjoy all of the mood-boosting benefits of CBD without any of the effects of THC. In addition, since these pouches are made without nicotine or tobacco, you don’t have to worry about addictive properties. With 10 mg of CBD per serving, this product is suitable for a wide variety of activities including socializing, relaxation and even light physical activity.
  • Flavor: People who use CBD and smoking products often complain about the unpleasant flavor. Cannadips is designed to deliver consistent CBD doses with flavors that everyone can enjoy. Users can choose between Natural Mint, Tangy Citrus and Full American flavors. These different flavors allow users to find the products that are right for them and can enhance the overall experience.
  • Quality: Cannadips products are made with high-quality ingredients that are designed to deliver an enjoyable experience for the user without unpleasant flavors or odors. Cannadips products include a fiber blend made with coconut and roasted chicory root.

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