The Advantages of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking

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Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking before knows how difficult it can be. Not only is it challenging to go without cigarettes, it’s also difficult to adapt to new routines, adopt different social activities and alter your daily schedule to accommodate for such a major lifestyle change. For many smokers, vaping offers a desirable alternative to smoking traditional combustible cigarettes. There are a number of benefits that people can enjoy when they choose vaporizers instead of traditional cigarettes—below are just a few that we’ve observed at our vape store in Rutland, VT.

Everyone knows that there are a number of risks associated with cigarette smoking, but people who have been smoking for years, or even decades, have an incredibly difficult time quitting the habit. There is a significant failure rate among smokers who try to quit cigarettes cold turkey. In fact, even smokers who are eventually successful when they try to quit must often make several attempts before they are able to stop smoking for good. For many smokers, the experience of smoking, especially if they smoke socially with friends, is not one that they want to give up.

Vaping gives smokers the opportunity to decrease their health risks without completely giving up an experience they enjoy. E-cigarette users are exposed to lower levels of toxic ingredients than those who smoke traditional cigarettes. The vapor that’s produced by e-cigarettes is far less harmful to the lungs and other major bodily systems than smoke from combustible cigarettes. Because of this, a former smoker could use vaporizers with the same frequency that they once smoked traditional cigarettes while still greatly reducing their health risks.

There are numerous cases of smokers successfully transitioning from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In fact, many smokers have even decreased or eliminated their tobacco consumption entirely through the use of vaporizers. Trying to quit smoking cold turkey can send the body into a state of shock and prevent a smoker from successfully giving up cigarettes. E-cigarettes give smokers an experience similar to smoking a cigarette while reducing their consumption of harmful compounds. This slower transition away from traditional cigarettes has proven effective among many long-time smokers.

Switching to vaporizers has the potential to improve health outcomes for millions of people across the country. While research into e-cigarette use is still in its early stages, there is a lot of promising data out there to encourage smokers to give vaping a try. You can find out more about this by visiting a vape store in Rutland, VT.

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